Beer Sales Skyrocket In Summer

Summer time is a wonderful time for our brand.

beerMuch like soft drinks companies, we often see a big boost in our sales over British Summer Time. This Summer has been no different. Although the weather got off to a bit of a damp start this year. things have picked up and, thanks to our successful launch of Diet Ale, sales have been increasing week on week.

We’ve recently started pushing our cans and micro-cans to smaller retailers, such as corner shops and convenience stores. Although you would assume it would be relatively easy to sell new products to smaller stores, you would be wrong. Often these small stores have got historical buying routes into the industry, allowing them to purchase the products they know they can sell at a cheaper price than usual.

FOT1189626What we have had to do, is force our Ale and Diet Ale into these sellers hands at a reduced rate, this has allowed them to pass on the savings to these small shops and push us ahead (at least for a brief amount of time) of their usual low-price brands. Now, obviously we would not want the fine Mayflower name to be tarnished by being sold as a ‘cheapo’ lager to degenerates. The plan is to sell this beer to the convenience stores as a ‘high brand luxury item’ for them to then sell the product on at a reduced rate.

Once the smart consumers, spotting a quality brand at a low price, exhaust the stock in the convenience stores – the owners will be clamouring for more, which we sell to them…at a much higher rate of course.

It might sound a little callous but, at the end of the day, all we are really doing is providing more and more people with one of the most popular (and generic) beers on the marketplace. Our prices are reasonable and our quality is (relatively) high.

Our march is never ending – we will dominate all markets.

Mayflower will rise.