Drink Domination – Big Macs, Ale and Internet Marketing

Mayflower’s aims are not small scale by any means.

In fact quite the opposite is true, we aim to completely flatten our competitors in the process until the only ale you will be able to buy is ours.

By stating our intentions from the get-go we hope to gain favour with our customer base and make them realise that, in a few years when the only ale option is our Ale, they will feel like they have made the decision of their own accord. Our Ale will taste instantly familiar and comforting. Just like the Big Mac, whose safe, delicious flavour is universally adored thousands of times over a day, the world over – drinking our Ale will make you feel like you’re home.

We have no plan in over-stretching our resources or attempting to simply spam the world with our product and message.

No. For Mayflower Brewery, our plan is and always will be, a slow-burn subliminal slide into the subconscious of every man, woman and child. Not that we want children drinking our Ale, we just need them to be thinking about drinking our Ale, ideally before they even know that they want to drink.

This kind of long game plan requires a mixture of marketing techniques, that slowly start spreading the seeds of ideas in thousands of minds. Through the use of internet marketing techniques, SEO and the likes, we can start populating certain search terms with subtle advertisements of our product and brand.

To test our methods, it will be necessary to begin on a small scale.

No need to run before we can walk. A preliminary test campaign of SEO in Liverpool would be a good place to start. Our research has indicated that the English city has a great fondness for ale, but also a strong habit of adopting new brands. A combination of internet marketing and celebrity product placements, in conjunction with introductory offers in super markets and popular bars, should help lodge the brand in the city’s consciousness.

After this, we shall need to take a step back from marketing, SEO and radio adverts. In order to assess the success of our indoctrination, we’ll need to see how many loyal customers purchase our product when they are no longer being prompted to through advertisement.

liv hilton

If we have been successful, then Ale will have become the most popular alcoholic drink in Liverpool, within the space of two years.

Our novelty sized 330ml cans should be in the tense grips of first year students at University, pints should be in the shaky confused fists of the older generations and our 660ml bottles should gather in the shadowy depths of the parks and alleys. Once you achieve this kind of widespread popularity in once city, it won’t be long until the wild fire spreads.

At first it will be perceived as a quirky minimalistic upstart from the North, then more people will try it and enjoy, and spread the word until the whole country is engulfed in its hoppy glory.

All it takes is the toppling of one city, and we will have the world by its throat, ready to drown it in our generic Ale.