A Minor Hiccup On The Road To Domination

There’s been a small business related incident in one of our factories.


Thankfully there have been zero fatalities, even though a small number of engineers have been hit with some minor injuries.

For the first time over 3 years, we have had to cease production of Ale. Although most businesses would see this as a serious blow to sales (especially since our otherwise excellent summer) we are approaching this incident as an opportunity to grow as a company.

The small explosion has all but obliterated half of our main production line – at the moment it is unclear as to how this came to be (corporate sabotage has been bandied about as a theory), but we are determined to discover the cause soon enough.

For the mean time, rigorous interior interviews are being conducted of all our staff, domestic as well as corporate. We cannot afford to have a rat in our system, especially if the rat is a metaphorical rat – as in a real person who has infiltrated the company for nefarious purposes, rather than an actual rodent (which would still not be good, when you consider Health & Safety Standards).

Street-ratOnce we have discovered the rat (metaphorical or otherwise) we will be able to squeeze the rodent for every ounce of information that he has, before dropping it thoroughly desiccated into the waste.

As soon as we are aware of the source of our problems we can work on fixing the plant and preparing our security for any future attacks on our great corporation. For the time being, we’ll be lifting brand new electric motors and industrial extractor fans into the factory. Although we can’t be certain, cross pollination of gases might well have been the source of the explosion.

Either way, it can never be a bad idea to install some brand new gear to the production line. We will be doubling down on costs this month, but our work should pay dividends when we have the factory back up and running at twice the efficiency.

Thankfully, we still have a great deal of stock on hand to distribute to our sellers so we should be able to keep a relatively consistent flow of the product to the general public.

Our first real set back as a company shall become the stepping stone to a new successful future.